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Our Mission & Core Values

To Help Corporate America Bring Their Digital Presence to Life. Through Lightning Speed Hosting, Jaw-Dropping Web Designs, and Effective Digital Marketing Services, We Deliver Strategic Solutions That Empower Business Owners to Seamlessly Reach & Interact With Their Customers.

Micro Speed

It all about squeezing every second out of the hustle in every day, maintaining high energy and a fast-efficient pace in everything we do, including website performance and productivity for our clients.

Loyal Relationships

Straight from the human heart with honor, respect and dignity; our loyalty is not produced on an assembly line, it is custom molded in every relationship for our team members, clients, and partners.

Pixel Perfect Quality

We are committed to developing a high degree of excellence in our day-to-day responsibilities by closely examining our digital supply chain with accurate, precise and well-presented deliverables.

The XM Digital Story

Here to Provide Wake County with Internet Marketing Solutions.

XM Digital is the brainchild of Alexander Nietzen Morales, a versatile and well-rounded Internet Veteran with hands-on experience in all aspects of the web production life-cycle from concept to completion since 1996.

In 2002, Alex Morales believed the power that technology held had only scratched the surface and founded Web Editors, Inc. With his wife, Heather Morales, playing a key role in the day-to-day operations and management, the company became flag bearers for the power and possibilities the Internet offers for its clients. As a result, a prominent portfolio of websites was formed. Fueled by WordPress, Magento, Pinnacle Cart, Open Cart and custom hand-coded applications running on 3 dedicated servers, the company showcased one of the largest portfolios in the Temecula Valley in California.

Today, XM Digital is proud to take their unique spirit to the world and inspire to create a better website experience for small businesses. Alex has always been an innovator, inventor, designer, developer, marketer, and researcher but together with his wife, they are an unstoppable force.

Within our targeted industry, XM Digital is constantly paving the path to ensure small businesses can experience the positive power of the Internet. XM Digital has come a long way today, they may not look the same, but our heart beats with the same passion, courage, and bravery as it did in those early days.

We are XM Digital

We have evolved yet rooted in who we are.

We are fixated on moving forward and conquering new frontiers.

Every day we build websites better as technology improves.

What we create online, we build and deliver for the best.

Welcome to XM Digital!

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